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At SPC, we believe that most Australians pay more tax than they’re legally required to. This is due to the overwhelming complexity of tax, investment and super laws that confuse many individuals and business owners. You find yourself not knowing what deductions to make and are afraid of making mistakes. Our tax accountants remove the stress and uncertainty from your taxation matters. We explain away the jargon and fill you in on legal tax minimization strategies that actually work. Our approach is different because we take your whole financial situation into account for tax planning that makes your money work for you. With an SPC tax accountant, you’ll not only pay less tax but find better ways to manage your wealth and investments.

Income tax

Many people don’t realise how much money they could save with a tax advisor Melbourne. Individuals and small business owners in particular feel that their tax returns are simple enough. However, in doing it themselves, they end up paying more than they’re legally required to. Don’t let complicated tax laws get the better of you. Our tax accountants will help you save money through legal and honest means. We’ll show you new ways of minimising your income taxation and navigate the complexities of your various sources of income. Accounting fees are well worth the money when you save thousands in tax.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a complex aspect of the Australian Taxation system. CGT may arise when you dispose of an asset. At SPC we strive to be on the front foot when dealing and advising our client’s about potential CGT. We look at this as the first step when deciding on whether to sell assets in the first place. By taking a proactive approach rather than reactive one that is common in the taxation industry, SPC is better placed at helping and guiding our clients in correctly accounting and minimising CGT.

Business Taxation

Goods and Services Tax

SPC’s team of experienced accountants have seen it all when it comes to GST. We have extensive experience and knowledge from years of working with our clients and the ATO. At SPC we can advise you in all aspects of GST. From first reviewing whether you need to be registered for GST and what type of registration is applicable to assisting your business with its lodgement obligations in the form of Business Activity Statement (BAS).

Activity Statements

Business Activity Statements (BAS)
If you are registered or required to be registered for GST, our team of tax accountants can assist you with the calculation, review and lodgement of your Business Activity statements.

Instalment Activity Statements (IAS)

If your business pays wages to employees or if you are required to pay tax in instalments, then you will need to prepare and lodge instalment activity statements. Our team at SPC can help you with this aspect of tax compliance.

Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Complete or review your Business Activity Statements (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) by the due date
  • Ensure you’re receiving your full input credits entitlement
  • Check that all debts have been paid and refunds paid to you
  • Match your BAS with your accounting and ATO records for compliance
  • Keep thorough records of receipts, payments and transactions for accuracy and future cash flow reporting

Fringe Benefits Tax

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a difficult tax to grasp as there may be no dollar value to the benefits you’re providing to your employees or yourself. We’ll show you which benefits you must pay FBT on and how best to structure these benefits to minimise any FBT payable. We’ll also help manage documents like employee declarations and lodge FBT returns in a timely manner.

For tax services that are sound, legal and save you cash, let Stephens Plattfuss & Co take care of all your taxation service needs.

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